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Family-run Business

At Nibbles Catering, we have a passion for making your vision come to life. We work with you to create and customize everything from food to decor. Whether it’s a wedding, fundraiser or corporate luncheon, we want your experience to be as personalized and unique as it is delicious.

We’ve always looked at food as a substance capable of speaking louder than words. Every plate has a tale to tell. Your event will take shape to match what’s important to you. Our favorite part is when it unravels before your eyes. It’s yours to share with others and relive later.

We Bring Your Vision To Life

What sets us apart is simple—we truly believe in providing the easiest, most effortless event planning to each of our clients while remaining budget-conscious and providing delicious catering.

Whether you are hosting a wedding, corporate function or social event, our coordinators will make sure that you are confident in and proud of every second of the celebration

Bringing People Together

As a creative team with family values, we’re interested in how you and your inner circles come together, dine, dance, and live your most pivotal moments. Personal connections are the foundation to everything. When we create together, we focus on your event’s “why” and “who,” and this inspires us to think outside the box. 

Passion For Celebration

The experience begins and ends with personal service. We pride ourselves on fully understanding the unique elements of each event and finding the best way to serve your needs and meet your expectations.
So the main goal
 of our friendly team is to provide support for your event at the highest level! We’re ready to redefine how people celebrate.